Advertising DESIGN Packaging, Billboard, Campaign, Website & UI My advertising projects have included template design and product packaging ideas, visual identities for advertising campaigns, bill…

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Editorial Design Book, Magazine, Cover, Catalogue & etc. Editorial design is a subset of graphic design. Traditionally, it has referred to designing for newspapers, magazines, and books. The goal …

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    Poster Design Social, Cultural, Advertising... Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent and important parts of graphic design is poster design. Poster making has played an important role i…

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Ali Delzendehrooy علی دل زنده روی طراحی گرافیک ، هویت بصری، هویت سازمانی، اوراق اداری

Visual identity

  Visual identity Branding DESIGN Visual identity is all of the imagery and graphical information that expresses who a brand is and differentiates it from all the others. In other words, it descr…

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typography,graphic,design,art,iranian,alidelzendehrooy,گرافیک،طراحی،علی دل زنده روی

1394 SH Calendar

1396 S.H Calendar The design of the pages of this calendar is based on the name of each month's typography. Based on the spirit of each season and every month, a special color scheme and composition h…

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typography,graphic,design,art,Qajar,iranian,alidelzendehrooy,duotone,گرافیک،قاجار،طراحی،علی دل زنده روی

1396 SH Calendar

1396 S.H Calendar This calendar is designed using the images of the Qajar period of Iran, with duotone technique and pure graphics. An attempt was made to keep the theme of satire on every page for be…

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typography,calligraphy,art,design,alidelzendehrooy,alidzr,تایپوگرافی,علی دل زنده روی

Typography Art

Typography Art Graphic design, more than its functional aspect, has its aesthetic features creating an artistic atmosphere. The design of interior decoration is very perceptible with graphic forms. Gr…

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